About Lily

Lily is based in London where she founded
Lily Gabriella Fine Jewellery, designing private commissions by appointment.

Lily's jewellery is inspired by her passion for art and architecture, having grown up in a family that celebrates design.

Each piece she creates expresses her love of colour, sculptural design and exceptional craftsmanship using distinctive materials and the finest gemstones and diamonds.

Lily's love of jewellery…

Founded in the gem sorting rooms, the jewellery workshops and the energy of the auction houses of New York and Geneva, Lily's love of jewellery is evident in each of her bright and colourful signature collections.

Her expert eye was trained in the valuation and appraisal of fine jewellery in an international auction house, and her technical capabilities developed under the tutelage of one of the world's greatest jewellers.

Each piece she creates expresses her love of colour, vibrant design and exceptional craftsmanship using unusual materials and the finest gemstones and diamonds.
Lily designs jewellery for discerning individuals.

Her desire to create beautifully designed and crafted jewellery led her to launch Lily Gabriella Fine Jewellery.

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Lily's World

Each gem Lily creates has a contemporary pop of colour, inspired by her extensive travels across the globe.

Her passion for modern art and architecture is evident in her use of unusual materials, sculptural lines, and brightly coloured gemstones in each jewel she creates.

Lily Gabriella’s jewellery is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen, working closely with Lily to ensure the aesthetics of her designs are translated into the covetable, wearable jewels seen in each of her collections.


An ode to yellow

Lily's first capsule collection for Sotheby's Diamonds

Celebrating jewellery as a form of art

Lily is currently designing exceptional pieces for World-Class Diamond Boutique Sotheby’s Diamonds. Her first capsule collection is ‘An Ode to Yellow’.

This collection predominantly features rare yellow diamonds set in breath-taking designs inspired by art and architecture – two leitmotifs in Lily’s aesthetics.
Of various hues and shapes, the stones are a testament to extraordinary beauty and rarity.

“Lily is somewhat of an architect of light and colour. The jewels she has created perfectly capture Sotheby’s Diamonds’ unique signature, where diamonds are the masterpieces, always at the heart of the composition! With their resolute modernity, Lily’s creations celebrate the timeless and universal beauty of diamonds”.

Patti Wong, Chair, Sotheby’s Diamonds