Manta Ray Brooch

  • £28,000.00

Manta Ray Brooch in 18k rose gold, set with a central 3.41 carat mint tourmaline and surrounded by 3.91 carats of calibrated cut sapphire and tourmalines. 

The brooch measures 4.5cm across and has a collapsible bale - it can be used as a pendant. An 18k rose gold chain is provided.

 The Manta Ray brooch was inspired by its namesake, which Lily came across on her travels. An endangered species, Lily hopes to bring awareness to and also represent the species in all its magnificence. The 18K rose gold skeleton of the brooch mimics the movement of the Manta Ray with its wing like pectoral fins characterised by a specially cut tourmaline and sapphire cloak. Once again Lily’s standard for jewellery making is shown in the impeccable craftsmanship, whether that be the intricately selected gradient of calibrated stones or the handmade golden skeleton of the brooch.

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